Silver Ink

15mL of A-grade liquified silver.

Must be used in conjunction with an Ascorbic or Ascorbic+ cartridge to produce conductive traces.

Our inks have been specifically designed and formulated by us to ensure they give the highest possible print quality, and longest cartridge life. Cartridges arrive filled and ready to print, just like buying an inkjet cartridge from the store, but filled with awesome.

A standard Silver cartridge which is compatible with the Argentum. Expected yield at 1-pass, 25% coverage is approx. 9000 cm2 (~1400 sq. inch). This is equivalent to ~40 credit card sized circuits at 5 passes.

This is a remanufactured cartridge which is only compatible with the Argentum.

We use inkjet cartridges very far outside the purpose they were originally designed for which is exciting, but also complicated. As such our cartridges have a limited shelf life when stored correctly.

Cartridges have a shelf life of 6 months when refrigerated.


Estimated delivery in 6 – 8 weeks.

Free US shipping on orders over $149.00 USD.

Due to international shipping regulations, we can only fill the Silver cartridge to 15mL.

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Type: Ink


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