Hardware is hard

July is upon us, and we are working hard to get the first batch of printers finished and out the door!

Unfortunately, we have experienced some unexpected and unfortunate delays over the last month, including: 

  • imported parts being held by customs for almost two weeks (on more than one occasion)
  • trouble with our initial batch of power supplies - our first shipment of power supplies had a high failure rate, so we have put extra effort into researching and ordering a second batch that are a much higher calibre
  • extensive quality control on our cartridges - we want to make sure that every cartridge shipped to our customers works reliably, so we have chosen to test each cartridge individually

Despite these setbacks we are still optimistic we will ship by the end of July, and have been working around the clock to make this happen. However, there is a chance we will not be able to ship before next month. We feel that delays may be necessary so that we do not compromise quality. We would rather add a couple of weeks to production time to perfect our product, and in return not sacrifice our vision to provide you a far more reliable product.

On a brighter note, we’d like to announce some improvements we have made over the last few months. We have redesigned the printer to be smaller than originally planned, without needing to reduce the print area. In addition to taking up less space on your desk, the printer will also be quieter due to new bearings we have sourced. The lid mechanism on the printer now uses gas struts rather than hinges, and we have added LED strips to make it easier to inspect your prints while they are still in the printer.

One addition we are very excited about is a drying roller for drying your prints between layers. You may have noticed a heated build plate in our original kickstarter video. This was not a very effective solution for drying prints, especially on thicker substrates such as FR4. The new roller means that there is no need to dry prints manually between layers, so printing is now a completely hands-off process. Here's a quick preview:


If you want the latest on production or anything else that's going on in our workshop don't forget to check our Facebook and Twitter (@Cartesian_Co).

Talk to you soon!

The Cartesian Co. team

Alex Della Santina
Alex Della Santina


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