Automated Sandblaster for Substrates


Our interns at Cartesian Co are an awesome bunch. We ask them to sort hundreds of cables, and they do it. We ask them to make multiple trips to the hardware store for supplies, and they do it. One other task that they do for us (without complaint), is sandblast substrates. Over and over again. For hours everyday. Day in and day out. You get the picture.

In order to show kindness to our interns and relieve them from this time-consuming task, we have set up a jig within our sandblaster to automatically perform this task.

An arm was fitted inside the machine which pans left and right, providing even coverage on the substrates. To combat the issue of dust and other flying nasties, some thick plastic film was used to seal around the jig. The film is clear so that we can see into the sandblaster and ensure that everything is working correctly.

A few tweaks are still required in the programming, but all in all this has proved to be a huge help to our team. Click the video below to see our latest masterpiece of production.

Alex Della Santina
Alex Della Santina


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