Wow… our Kickstarter is done!

Our Kickstarter campaign is finally over after a fast 30 days, and we’re beyond happy with how it’s all gone! We can’t thank you all enough for believing in us, and you would never imagine how excited we are to finish up development and get cracking on production.

All of your pledges have allowed us to secure rental of a new manufacturing workshop which we moved the laser cutter and some other machinery into just yesterday (see our relieved faces below after moving the giant laser cutter). We are currently testing the final revision of the control boards and we have a small team working on some really great add-ons for the printer such as the print-o-scope, the printer buddy and the Raspberry Pi, Wi-Fi with web interface as well as lots of other goodies that we’ll reveal to you as we develop them.

In the meantime, to keep updated with everything that we’re doing you can sign up for email updates at and you can also find us on Facebook or Twitter – we’d love to hear from you and keep you a part of our story.

If you just missed out on a printer, pre-orders will become available in the near future also on our website at

Thank you once again to everyone that has helped the project along in any way; we look forward to repaying the favour once we emerge from our workshop with 81 shiny new printers :D

Thank you for all your support,

Team Cartesian Co.

Ariel and Michael very relieved after having transported the monstrous and delicate laser cutter across Brisbane to the new workshop.

Alex Della Santina
Alex Della Santina


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