Printer and MacGyver Kit Givewaway

We’re happy to announce the winners of our competition to win an Argentum or MacGyver Kit!

But before we announce the winner we wanted to share a couple of the other entries we thought were entertaining:

– A circuit on my socks
-Gheto flex PCBs
– A PCB Printer
-A replacement PCB for my daughter’s Twilight Turtle
-World Peace
-A ton of joule thief circuits — dead batteries now more deader!
We had a ton of really good entries but unfortunately we can only pick one winner and one runner up. The winner of the printer is:

With an Argentum I w/ print: all the crazy-genius board ideas at the hackerspace. You never know!

The runner up is:

i’d like to print custom papercraft models with built-in circuitry that lets them light and maybe even move

Thanks to everyone who entered! Don’t forget to keep tweeting us your circuit ideas. Competition or not, we’d still love to print them!

Rob Walker
Rob Walker


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