Well we couldn't have imagined it would take 6 updates to get there but we are happy to announce we've nearly finished shipping all batch 4 kits! If you're in batch 4 and ordered a kit Argentum you may have already received a email with tracking details for your kit. If not hang tight, your kit will ship soon.

After we complete shipping all batch 4 kits we'll we'll be starting shipping assembled printers. If you're waiting on a batch 4 assembled printer it wont be long now.

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We’ve been making good progress fixing the surprises we found in the main shipment of printer kits, and are getting really close to shipping them out.

As we mentioned in our last update, the biggest surprise was the tampering with our packages. Specifically, all the packaging foam was removed and thrown away, so someone along the line could save on shipping costs due to the reduced volume. Who needs foam anyway! Well we do, because the kits will likely break during shipping without it.

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Here's another update about the progress of batch 4's production. For the previous update, click here.


What an update we have for you this time! Quite a lot has happened since last week - some good, some... not so good.

The main shipment of kit printers has finally arrived, and in particularly glorious fashion, they've been very tampered with! Read on for more details.

In much better news, we have our Dangerous Goods (DG) certification from FedEx and cartridges have started shipping out to those that needed replacements or ordered more. Words can't possibly explain how happy this makes us. We've also received our international shipping rates which was the other missing piece of the puzzle.

The test shipment of assembled printers (4 units) has been shipped, and just arrived as of writing.

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A very quick update this time. For the last update click here.

  • Kit printers have cleared US customs, and should be in our hands tomorrow.
  • The first test shipment of assembled printers have left China bound for Brooklyn.
  • Cartridges and substrates have been tested and are good to go.
  • We're waiting for our DG (dangerous goods) clearance from FedEx so we can ship cartridges.
  • A beta version of the software which is compatible with both version of electronics is being tested right now. It will be available for download soon.
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Here's another update about the progress of batch 4's production. For the previous update, check here.


This just in: Cartridges have arrived in our Brooklyn workshop! They're being checked and tested right at this very moment, so stay tuned for further updates on this. As a result of finally having new cartridges, we'll also be able to test the new substrates. 

In other news, software updates are still ongoing, updated assembly instructions are nearly complete, and half of the assembled printers have rolled off the line and are entering QC.

Some exciting improvements in our shipping system, read about them here.

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One of our biggest problems is that we get things delivered to our office and then our customers want those very same things. Figuring out which carrier was best for each shipment and then learning their customised shipping system and requirements was a mega pain. Then after all of that only one darn option was proficient!

We’ve replaced all of our logistics with a QR-code lined shelf and a $200 laptop running ShipStation. This is the shipping solution we've been looking for. Everything in stock has a QR code linking to a url where you can restock. ShipStation imports all of our orders and automagically generates the packing slips and shipping labels. They even make USB scales now - what a time to be alive!

We pack, we print, we ship, we drink. What used to take 10 minutes takes 2. Now our interns can handle shipping so we have time to do more cool circuits and R&D.

As always, if you have any tips on how to make things better we’d love to know.

PS. We love you, ShipStation, you make our lives easier....

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Here's another update about the progress of batch 4's production. For the last update, check here.


Substrates have arrived at our workshop for testing. The first assembled printer has been completed, more to follow. Cartridge production has finished and are also en route to Brooklyn. The software and assembly instructions are being updated to comply with the new motherboard design in this batch (+ a few other small changes). Most importantly: the test shipment of kit printers has arrived, but was found to be tampered with (more on this below).


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Hey folks, here's a quick update on the production of the 4th batch of Argentums.


All the production of the kit printers has been completed and they are waiting with a shipping agent en route to our Brooklyn workshop. When they arrive they'll be inspected, packed with substrates and cartridges, and then sent off to their excited new owners!

Assembled printers are currently undergoing assembly and will follow the path of their kit cousins in the next 1-2 weeks.

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When not working tirelessly to ensure your Argentum printer gets to you as quickly as possible, our China team has been exploring Shenzhen and getting to know the area better. One of the cooler things they've encountered is a boat that's in the middle of the city. (Note the buildings behind it.)

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These days it seems like everyone is on an epic quest to find something. Harry Potter struggled through seven mammoth volumes to find and destroy Voldemort's horcruxes. King Arthur and his knights seek the Grail through thousands of myths and legends. Last week, our China team (John, Stuie, and Mike) embarked on their own epic quest ... to try to find pure ascorbic acid for our printer cartridges!

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