Dale Dougherty and Jamie Hyneman on the Rise of the Makers

Forbes speaks with Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters and Dale Dougherty from Make Magazine about the rise of the Maker Movement over the past 15 years and its impacts on business and mainstream culture in this interview with Dale Dougherty. This section discussing crowdfunding was of particular interest to us:

...Rather unsurprisingly, the rise of the makers has had a tremendous impact on innovation. While the Internet got people interested in building software and web applications, for many years the passion for building physical things lagged behind. The makers changed all of that.

This has resulted in a remarkable age where inventors and innovators have the perfect combination of computing (e.g. Raspberry Pi/Arduino and their sensors), software (Linux/Open Source/SDKs), manufacturing (3-D Printing/CNC), and data (e.g. Amazon Web Services/Big Data). What was still missing was the ability to get maker creations into the hands of others.

That changed with Kickstarter.

...Dougherty believes that this crowdfunding model has played a critical role in the growth of the maker movement.

“It’s really important. Last year, Kickstarter told us that 10% of the makers at Maker Faire had run a campaign, and collectively they had raised $23 million,” he says. “I was at Maker Faire Shenzhen last month and every Chinese maker who had a product had run a Kickstarter.”

“This means that makers have access to small amounts of capital to start product development,” Dougherty says. “But perhaps the most important thing that crowdfunding does is help to develop a community for a product — even before the product exists.” ....





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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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