TUTORIAL - Creating an Outdoor-Ready Raspberry Pi Field Unit

Jay Doscher does a thorough job of sharing details of his experiment to produce a RasPi 2 outdoor unit -- which he amusingly calls an "RPFU" -- including lessons learned from this round:

I've been working hard on a project that allows me to take a Raspberry Pi 2 into the wild outdoors.  While there are many cases out there that work fine in a cabinet or on a desk, I couldn't find one that would work outdoors.  I became familiar with weatherproof enclosures when I started tinkering with my Solarbot a couple years ago, but I needed more than a small plastic box this time.  This time around I wanted something that would support my Solar Robot 7 (which is live on Twitter here), a Raspberry Pi 2- powered solar tracker.  More on that soon! ....

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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