TUTORIAL - Building a Breadboard Prototyping Module


Chuck Stephens created a tutorial to show how he puts together a breadboard prototyping module to benefit from the advantages of quickly building a circuit on a breadboard with more stability to trusting that the circuit being prototyped hasn't shaken a patch wire or a component loose. Via hackaday.

Breadboards are great for building and modifying circuits. Being able to quickly switch out components helps you see how their values affect the rest of the circuit. Breadboards are an invaluable part of any electronic hobbyists education, but they have their drawbacks. For one thing, the small components used on breadboards are hard to work with. Trim pots, DIP switches and tiny momentary switches are finicky and often come loose at the worst times. I've spent lots of time trouble shooting a circuit only to discover the failure was due to a loose switch or trim pot.
The breadboard prototyping module gives you the versatility of breadboarding with the convenience and 'solidness' of the old style circuit building kits. Switches, pots and other panel mounted components can be easily connected to a breadboarded circuit with common jumper wires, making prototyping a breeze. Here's how to build your own....

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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