Raspberry Pi Plus ARM uC PCB Breakout Design and Manufacture Project


Checkout hipfan75's completed RasPi garage door controller PCB breakout design project. via Dangerous Prototypes.

...The board is a Raspberry Pi (v1, Model B, rev2) breakout also hosting an STM32F030 ARM microcontroller. The uC optionally connects to the Pi's UART with a couple of the Pi's GPIOs used to reset the uC and enter the bootloader. The uC GPIOs are also broken out.

A header connected to the Pi's SPI bus is wired for an NRF24L01+. There is also a header for a 12V boost converter which can power 315 and 433 MHz transmitters. The transmitters are driven by the microcontroller.

The board can get 5V from the Pi or via a micro-USB port. 3.3V is available from the Pi or from an optional ADP122/AP2112 connected to whatever 5V source is selected. There is also an option to drive the 315/433Mhz transmitters via 5V or 12V....

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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