Story Behind Coca-Cola's Iconic Contour Bottle Design

Check out the story of America's most iconic product design, recognized world over -- the Coca-Cola contour bottle.

Shared by SolidSmack:

...When the Root Glass Company set out to design the bottle, they likely had no idea that it would become one of the most instantly-recognizable global brand designs within the past century – and yet 100 years later, Coca Cola is still served in contour bottles in both convenience stores as well as trendy and high-scale restaurants around the world. In total, Coca-Cola sells nearly 2 billion drinks a day in over 200 countries.

To celebrate 100 years of their contour bottle design, the company held a ‘The Coca-Cola Bottle: An American Icon at 100′ exhibition at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, which featured a number of design sketches, prototypes, manufacturing artifacts and a number of iconic art pieces and photographs including those form Andy Warhol, among others....

Read more. And check out the video below for a treat -- a timelapse of a hand illustration of the iconic bottle.

Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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