Boost the Storage on A Vintage Retrocomputer With A Raspberry Pi As a Hard Drive Emulator

For those of you retrocomputer fans, here's a project to prep a RasPi with the hardware and software to permit XTIDE to emulate a hard drive for a vintage IBM 5150. As a result, delivering with a low cost embedded system what might have once been very expensive dedicated hardware. Hotrodding a vintage computer can be pretty cheap...if you wait a couple of decades.

From hackaday:

...The traditional solution to the ‘old PC without a hard drive’ problem is the XTIDE project. XTIDE is a controller card that translates relatively new IDE cards (or an emulated drive on another computer) as a hard drive on the vintage PC, just like a controller card would. Since a drive can be emulated by another computer, [Chris] grabbed the closest single board computer he had on hand, in this case a Raspberry Pi.
After burning an EPROM with XTIDE to drive an old network card, [Chris] set to work making the XTIDE software function on the Raspberry Pi side of things. The hardware on the modern side of the is just a Pi and a USB to RS232 adapter, set to a very low bitrate. Although the emulated drive is slow, it is relatively huge for computer of this era: 500 Megabytes of free space. It makes your head spin to think of how many vintage games and apps you can fit on that thing!

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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