TUTORIAL - Dispense Wire With A Mechanical Pencil Hack

Proto G shared a handy prototyping hack, created by modding a mechanical pencil to dispense thin wire. Easy to use even in the heat of prototyping, while juggling soldering irons, snips, and other tools.

This technique has been around a while, but the quick 3DP fabricated part in this tutorial makes this easy to execute for those with a desktop 3D printer at hand. via hackaday.

This is a 3d Printed attachment I designed that transforms an ordinary mechanical pencil into an awesome wiring pencil for prototyping. It was inspired by the old school roadrunner and verowire wiring pencils. The wire is 0.5mm magnet wire with an enamel that melts away with the heat of the soldering iron so there is no need for stripping wires. To use it, simply advance about 0.5" of wire and hold it to the solder joint until the enamels melts back. Once the solder hardens, click and drag to your next solder joint. I like to use tweezers and snips like in the video. You can even use thin solder to make a soldering pencil to go with your wiring pencil....

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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