3D Printer Hobbyist Designed the World's Smallest Working Circular Saw (VIDEO)

Made possible thanks to power of manufacturing to scale and tight specs  when designing for desktop 3D printing, here is our favorite miniaturization project to date! From SolidSmack:

Abernethy, who resides in New Zealand, has been actively building miniature ‘micro-machine’ replicas of his power tools for the past year that *ahem* actually frickin’ work. While he had previously created a functional cordless drill back in March, he’s back again this week with a working circular saw that operates just like an actual full-size circular saw.
To create the saw, Abernethy turned to Onshape to design the individual parts based off of parts from his own full-sized Makita saw. Once he had a working assembly, he then printed the parts in PLA using his Ultimaker 2 3D printer with a layer height of 21-40 microns and a shell thickness of .5mm. As for powering the small device, Abernethy has equipped the saw with an on/off handle that connects to a hearing aid battery....

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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