IN THE MEDIA - Hacker Love-Notes For Andy Weir's Sci-Fi Novel "The Martian" (upcoming Blockbuster Film!)

Excellent piece at hackaday pointing out a few hacker-friendly aspects to how this book was written as well as the subject matter -- to prepare you for the massive attention it will be receiving as it becomes a major blockbuster release shortly. My favorite description of the book to date -- "novel for those who thought the DIY hardware emergency section of Apollo 13 should have been the entire film." ;-)

Check out the talk @ Google featuring Weir below as well for more to fan the flames of your hard-edge space sci-fi fandom!

So why did this book catch our attention? Well, first off, it was self-published online, one chapter at a time by a really great writer. And as the people following his work grew, the author started to get more and more feedback about the story and technical details. He would then go back and make revisions to the work based on his audience suggestions/corrections. Does that remind you of something? Maybe a bit like the Open Source movement? Of course writers have worked with their audiences to help maintain continuity from one novel through each of its sequels. But this is fundamentally different, the audience becomes a creative force that can time-travel to rewrite the unfinished story’s… story.

The Second thing that grabbed our attention is that this is a book written by a fellow geek. See, [Andy] is a programmer by trade and in writing this book, rather than just making up dates and flight paths of spaceships, and he actually wrote software to do real orbital mechanics, so that the book is as accurate as possible. If you love reading technical details, while being very entertained by a great story (what Hackaday reader doesn’t?), this is the book for you. If your hands are too busy with a soldering iron, we can also wholeheartedly suggest the audio book, as the performer does an amazing job. Or if you want, you can just wait until the movie comes out in October. We can’t guarantee Hollywood won’t screw this up, so you’d better hedge and read the book beforehand.

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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