Advice For Thriving As An Engineer

Esteemed engineer veteran Dennis Monticelli shared a list of advice for thriving as an engineer after retiring from 41 years in the industry:

This week completes my long tenure with the semiconductor industry, all of it with National/TI. Watching a young industry mature and seeing analog go from king to pawn and back to king again has provided a unique perspective. Just because our industry has matured and consolidation is occurring does not equate to a shortage of opportunities to innovate, especially in analog where the real world meets electronics. But in order to maximize the value add innovators will need to understand the performance challenges from the perspective of the system. Increasingly compelling solutions will come from solving problems via a combination of device, circuit, architecture, firmware, and package. This speaks to broadening one’s self and developing the skill to work with people of multiple disciplines. As engineers we embrace the role of applying technology to products that make a difference in people’s lives. Of that we can be proud.

When it comes to career development I can offer a little advice.... 

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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