Vintage Toolbox Transformed into a 3D Printer

Chad Bridgewater shared documentation for how he turned a vintage toolbox into a 3D printer. Via solidsmack.

From Boca Bearings :

Below is a new project for Boca Bearings where I will be constructing a 3D printer with in a Huot toolbox that was once used as a "Blower Repair Kit."
One of the main features that makes this toolbox a good candidate for a printer over other toolboxes is its fold-down front. A spectator is able to view the print from both the top and the front while also allowing extra room for the print bed.
When I begin a design for a printer or other multiple component machine, I do not start in the computer or even a sketch pad because there are too many things going on for me to even know where to start. I find it helpful to begin "mocking up" a model, often using the parts I will be building with such as bearings, pulleys, guide rails, stepper motors, a hot end and spare 3D printed parts from past builds.

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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