One Route to the Future of Drone Package Delivery (VIDEO)

A recent demonstration by the Workhorse Group demonstrates a role that drone delivery carriers can perform in the context of traditional shipping delivery services. From IEEE Spectrum:

The idea, explained Martin Rucidlo, company president, is for the operator of the delivery truck to do his normal rounds, but send off the drone to handle the less convenient deliveries. The drone gets most of the way to the delivery site by navigating autonomously after scanning a barcode for GPS coordinates, but when it gets ready to descend, it turns on cameras and alerts the operator, who monitors the descent, watching out for dogs, children, or other potential hazards and standing ready to take control. The drone then returns itself to the truck, which has continued to travel along its delivery route. The drone lands itself automatically and precisely on the charging pad. That’s not easy to do, Rucidlo said, but believes the company has found a solution that will work in windy as well as calm conditions.

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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