Fantastic Backyard Inventions of Yore, from Hackaday's Retrotechtacular Series (VIDEO)

One of the series the Cartesian Co team has been enjoying lately, and sharing across the ocean between China and Brooklyn, is the Retrotechtacular series on hackaday. Here's one we wanted to share:

One of the standout inventions is the Dynasphere, a mono-wheeled vehicle that probably deserves its own week in the Retrotechtacular spotlight. There are a couple of pedal-powered planes that may have inspired the Gossamer Condor, and a hover scooter that resembles an air hockey striker and doubles as a leaf blower. In another film, a man drives a Vespa to the banks of the Thames and parks it. He pulls a fin down from each side of the scooter, turning it into a seafaring craft. When he snaps his fingers, a cute girl appears from somewhere just outside the frame. She climbs on the back, and they take off across the water.

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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