FirePick Delta - Open Source DIY Electronics Manufacturing Platform

Another DIY pick-and-place project that we are following closely is the FirePick Delta -- an excellent open hardware project worth exploring -- with beta kits now available. And check out the Evil Mad Scientist blog for a story of Makers coming together to repair their TSA-bashed demo unit last year at Maker Faire New York.

FirePick Delta is an open-source electronics manufacturing system, inspired by RepRap and powered by OpenPnP and FirePick's own Computer Vision software. We are taking the beginning steps towards a smart appliance that can manufacture electronic circuit boards in a home or office environment. Our machine is able to assemble open-source hardware boards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi accessories, and also has the capability to 3D print. It features an modular tool tip design that allows multiple plastic extruders, and/or multiple SMT vacuum nozzles. Other tools and applications will be available as our product matures.

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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