Direct Air Capture Might to Harvest Fuel from CO2 from Air

Direct Air Capture Might Allow Us to Harvest Fuel from CO2 From the Air Around Us, from air capture seems to be the only potentially feasible way to absorb carbon dioxide that's already been emitted from small mobile sources such as cars, trucks, and planes, which make up 60 percent of carbon dioxide emissions today. The systems require 1,000 times less land than carbon-sucking trees, and can be installed on land, like desert plains, that isn't worth cultivating or inhabiting....
"Scientists are increasingly convinced that we are going to need large scale removal systems to fight climate change," Noah Deich from the California-based Centre for Carbon Removal told The Guardian. "I’m excited about direct air capture. It could be a really important technology to add to the portfolio." ...

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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