TUTORIAL - KTOWN's Ultimate Creating Parts in Eagle Tutorial

K-Town's almanack-worth of EAGLE tips was by far the most helpful guide I encountered for how to "think in Eagle" from my days at Adafruit. It continues to remain helpful as a reference even as EAGLE continues to change and offer other add-ons and tactics.

I find myself looking to this for best-practices for managing a design as I sort through circuits available to tweak and produce on an Argentum.

KTOWN's Ultimate Creating Parts in Eagle Tutorial from the Adafruit Learn System:

...Like everyone, we've had to plumb the depths of Google, dig into obscure posts from long dead servers, and sometimes just fire off a board and see what happens to learn the ins and outs of Eagle. We hope you can get a head start doing things the right way yourself with this tutorial, though, and avoid some of the head scratching we had to go through ourselves! So ... grab your mouse, fire up Eagle, and follow along as we create a simple footprint from start to finish! ....

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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