Cooking up a Tic-Tac Home Brew Supercapacitor (Literally) in the Kitchen (VIDEO)

Part of a video series of 111 chemistry lessons from the chemistry faculty of the University of Tartu in Estonia. From hackaday:

Taavi turns out to be quite a resourceful lad with his build. A bit of hardware cloth and some stainless steel from a scouring pad form a support for the porous carbon electrode, made by mixing crushed activated charcoal with epoxy and squeezing them in a field-expedient press. We’ll bet his roommates weren’t too keen with the way he harvested materials for the press from the kitchen table, nor were they likely thrilled with what he did to the coffee grinder, but science isn’t about the “why?”; it’s about the “why not?” Electrodes are sandwiched with a dielectric made from polypropylene shade cloth, squeezed into a Tic Tac container, and filled with drain cleaner for the electrolyte. A quick bit of charging circuitry, and Taavi doesn’t have to sweat that tardy slip anymore....

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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