Autodesk's Robotics Lab Of The Future

An interesting piece from Fast Company featuring a candid discussion with the Autodesk team about what lead them to identify "robotics" as a key area of interest for them, catching on late in the game the value their software was already playing in this arena. A piece that explores the expanding role of robotic arms on the high-end side of the equation. via Adafruit.

If you watched Gravity, the Sandra Bullock film about an astronaut caught up in a disaster on the International Space Station, you’ve seen Bot & Dolly’s Academy Award-winning tech in action. Their intent is to use cameras mounted on those robot arms to shoot live-action with the same single pixel precision Pixar employs when making its computer-generated movies.
....Bot & Dolly used Autodesk’s software to program its robots. It’s just that no one at Autodesk had ever imagined such a thing.
"The robotics platform behind Gravity is all ours," Conti said, "and we didn’t even know it, because it was never intended to be used that way." ....

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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