Tutorial: Master Clock MK2 Project Built Around Microprocessor

Brett Oliver has been making a series of master clock builds and experiments over the past few years -- here's one he built around a microprocessor. Check out his tutorial at Instructables, as well as his full project documentation back at his personal site:

I designed and built my old Master Clock... in 2004 using a 32.768KHz quartz crystal and logic chips to display the time and derive the pulses to drive all my slave clocks. It also has a DCF77 decoder board that again uses logic chips to decode the DCF77 signal and get a 1 second synchronising pulse to keep the clock on time. The technology used in this clock was actually out of date when I built it as I used the technology I had learnt about at college in the late 1970's.  I soon found out from comments that no one really used logic chips for this sort of thing anymore and why had I not used a Microprocessor?
...After a few years I gave microprocessors a try by building a PIC Microprocessor based  Calendar Slave  using Oshon Soft Basic , a Meter Clock using Picbasic Pro v3 and a DCF77 Master Bracket Clock using an Arduino 328.
...I decided to use Arduino to control my new Master as it seemed tailor made for my basic programming skills as most of the complicated work is done by the people who design and then share the libraries. Arduino is very well supported hardware wise and many complete parts can be purchased ready built as building block for projects....

Read more or check out his tutorial here.



Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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