Arduino GeoSteamPunk Project


An interesting take on the geocaching hobby -- mining a bunch of meters and dials from various hardware to offer some tweak and float to the display of the data. via hackaday.

From Folkert van Heusden's project documentation:

...The meter on the left shows the angle to the destination. The other shows how near you are (log-scale and the higher the "measurement", the closer you are). There's a beeper that beeps more frequent the closer you get. There's a rotary encoder with which you can select to show your current location in lattitude/longitude, set a new target. The black part on the rotary encoder comes from a strange metal device I bought in France by the way....
  • The interval between beeps get smaller when you approach the destination.
  • The adafruit recharger is really meant for solar panels but it works with regular power sources as well.
  • The switch is for switching between GPS and regular serial communication so that I can easily switch between GPS source to the UART or flashing the Arduino.
  • The big switch on the left is for on/off of the beeper and the one on the right for power.
  • In the plastic wrapper is a power booster to increase of 3.7V to the required 5V. The battery is 6600mAh.
  • On the print you PCB you see that I kind of overestimated the number of required GND and VCC pins.
  • The meters are current meters and with the appropriate resistor you can set them with regular PWM. I read somewhere that you should add a capacitor to meters.
  • You can also see that I'm a big fan of (Patex-) hot glue. The wooden board was designed with inkscape and cut with the lasercutter at RevSpace.

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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