Industrial Designer Noguera's 3D Printed Electric Ukelele


An account of printing industrial designer Juan Carlos Noguera's Nuke 3D printed electric ukulele, shared by 3D Printing Industry:

...the Nuke is an exercise in streamlined design specifically for desktop manufacturing, a functional object that can be made by even the most inexperienced Makers with access to relatively small printers....
The Nuke is made up of five unique CAD files, which can be purchased as a $5 package: the body, neck, bridge, fretboard, and pegs (a single file that needs to be printed four times). Juan designed them specifically to fit into a printer with a bed of at least 6” x 6”, so that the majority of desktop printers can fabricate the Nuke without support structures. This allows for a refined, smooth look, while also ensuring the quality of the Nuke’s sound, as a rough fretboard or neck might lead to issues with the way the strings lay against the instrument....

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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