CRT Waveform Display Built into a Headphone Amp

ErikaFluff created a headphone amp with a CRT built into it. Via hackaday. From the project documentation:

So I decided I wanted to build a headphone amplifier... but I didn't want one of the little altoids can deals... so, i re purposed a tiny CRT from an old VHS camcorder viewfinder, designed and built a custom drive and H/V circuits, as well as an amp and put it in a pretty box! The CRT acts as an oscilloscope scanning at 75hz, that displays the audio waveform as it plays. Horizontal is driven with am LM386 into a hand wound impedance matching transformer, vertical is driven by a simple 555 sawtooth circuit @ 75hz. HV/tube drive is also a simple little BJT powered flyback driver (using the original tiny flyback for the CRT). Audio amplifier is isolated and runs on a virtual ground, using a circuit similar to a cmoy but with an additional mosfet output stage for driving more power-hungry headphones....

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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