Interview with Massimo Banzi About Manufacturing Genuino in China with Seeed Studio (VIDEO)

Mike Szczys of Hackaday chatted with Arduino CEO and co-founder Massimo Banzi at the Shenzhen Maker Faire shortly after his announcement of a manufacturing partnership with Seeed Studio to produce the Genuino in China. Full video interview below. From Hackaday

This is an official Arduino board manufactured in China for the Chinese market. Knowing that the board is official and connected to the founders is key point to get makers to adopt this hardware. [Massimo] makes a good point about the ideal of “Proudly Made in China” which I could see as a selling point for the burgeoning maker market there. This may be a growing principle in China, but in an ocean of clone boards it sounds like a tough path forward. On the other hand, their booth was mobbed with people putting in new orders.
[Massimo] belives the current Arduino strife has actually served to move the project forward. He cites the schism between and for catalyzing manufacturing partnerships with both Adafruit Industries and Seeed Studios. This has resulted in official Arduino hardware that is not made only in Italy, but made in the region the hardware will be used; NYC for US orders, Shenzhen for China orders....

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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