Queen of Carbon Science, Prof. Mildred Dresselhaus, Receives 2015 IEEE Medal of Honor

In an era where every fifth engineering breaking-news press release has something to say about carbon-based technology, it is great to hear more about one of the pioneers who helped uncover this fertile territory: MIT's Prof. Mildred Dresselhaus.

From the Scientific American: Plugged In blog:

This month, Professor Mildred Dresselhaus became the first woman to receive the IEEE Medal of Honor for her leadership and contributions across many fields of science and engineering.  Professor Dresselhaus is a pioneer in carbon materials research in the 1960s and has dedicated more than 50 years to this work. She is particularly known for her work with buckminsterfullerenes (buckyballs), nanotubes and graphene as well as her dedicated work ethic and caring nature. According to the IEEE, “The era of carbon electronics can be traced back to her tireless research efforts”...

Read more and check out her IEEE video interview here.


Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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