Wireless Music Veto Button for your Office Tutorial

Here's a tool to help with the ongoing puzzle for the construction of an office friendly playlist that takes into account the inevitable wide distribution of taste/preference. Check out this tutorial on the Adafruit Learning System to help you setup a physical "veto" button to make it easy to down-vote that sappy prog-rock nightmare that an algorithm thought would help you get your work done today:

How many times have you suffered at the hand of your co-worker that plays Spotify radio in the office? Wouldn't it be great if you could simply veto their song that's playing and go on to the next? This project creates a wireless veto button for music. The button is self-powered and can be recharged using a standard USB cable. Simply pair the Bluefruit EZ-Key to the computer playing the music, configure the software and you're all set to "cast your vote" and skip to the next song...

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Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin


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