Solder Reflow Magic

Ever wonder how solder paste works? Today we decided to take some cool close up footage of solder paste during reflow soldering.

But first, here's a quick crash course about reflow soldering. Solder paste is a mixture of flux and tiny solder balls. When you heat solder paste with a hot plate or hot air gun, all of the tiny balls will melt and combine into liquid solder. This liquid likes to flow onto the exposed metal of a pad on your PCB and the pads on your components. It then solidifies when you turn the heat off. This will permanently attach a component to your board.

This is what the stuff looks like before heating:


And this is what happens when it's heated up to 200 degrees Celsius.


Pretty cool ;)

Alex Della Santina
Alex Della Santina


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Sam Beansworth
Sam Beansworth

July 22, 2015

This is great! I’ve been watching it over and over for the last 10 mins. I cant look away!!!

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